12 Gauge

A 12-gauge shotgun is a versatile arm because of the design of shotgun ammunition.

Shotguns can typically shoot three different types of shells: birdshot, buckshot, and slugs.

Buck Master “PB-12” Push Button 12g Shotgun

There's so many Turkish shotguns out now from the Adler, Bushmeister, Dickinson, Pardus, Sulun Arms but now the Buck Master is here which is a manually operated 12 gauge shotgun...

Bushmeister “BA-X12” Tactical 12g Shotgun (full review)

The long awaited Bushmeister 12 gauge lever release shotgun is here. I found it didn't like target loads at all however this doesn't bother me as my use for this...

$5 Safety Glasses vs 12 Gauge Shotgun (Bunnings Mitre 10 Home Depot)

Are cheap $5 safety glasses from Bunnings Mitre10 or Home Depot going to offer eye protection from a 12g shotgun? In this video we put them to the test with...

Leupold “Tracer” Sunglasses (12g shotgun vs ballistic safety glasses full review)

In this video we test the ballistic rating of the new Leupold Tracer sunglasses. Not many sunglasses can withstand a 12gauge shotgun blast of 8-shot and 4-shot but these did!