Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #39

This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:06min – What’s been happening at Ozzie Reviews?
Question #2 – 04:33min – Indicators that Hares are safe to eat?
Question #3 – 06:01min – Recommendation on a scope for my old Stirling 22lr?
Question #4 – 07:36min – S&W 15/22 vs Kriss Defiance 22lr for farm use?
Question #5 – 10:49min – Do you keep all the guns your review and how many do you own?
Question #6 – 12:50min – Thoughts on clamp-on muzzle brakes?
Question #7 – 14:24min – Thoughts on 22LR, 22Mag, and 17HMR for a new rifle?
Question #8 – 17:56min – Tips or websites for re-loading the Savage 110 in 308win?
Question #9 – 19:26min – How’s your Lithgow LA101 shooting after years of owning it?
Question #10 – 20:01min – Thoughts on ways to put political pressure on local members and political candidates in the upcoming State election?
Question #11 – 26:42min – Recommendation on lightweight hunting rifle in 270win or 7mm08?
Question #12 – 29:26min – Thoughts on the court penalties for firearm offences?
Question #13 – 34:36min – Recommendation on a red dot for a Dickinson T1000 shotgun?
Question #14 – 36:38min – Tips for shooting right-handed left-eye dominant?
Question #15 – 38:34min – Thoughts on the 7mm Remington Magnum?
Question #16 – 40:06min – Thoughts on having Patreon supporters on your farm?
Question #17 – 40:57min – Do you shoot or trap feral pests on your farm?
Question #18 – 41:51min – Thoughts on Vortex optics?
Question #19 – 42:29min – Thoughts on newer Gel Blasters?
Question #20 – 46:50min – Any reason you don’t scrub back and forth when cleaning a barrel?
Question #21 – 48:29min – Recommendations on a top tier knife for skinning, gutting, and quartering Rabbits?
Question #22 – 49:50min – Recommendations for pinning a Tikka Tac A1 stock for non-compliant States?
Question #23 – 51:02min – Recommendations on a good quality scope for around $500-$600?

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