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Wedgetail Industries “MPR308” .308Win Pump Action Rifle (with accuracy testing)

To get Ozzie Reviews Gen 2 rifle bags, click here: www.ozziereviews.com.au/shop To make a donation to keep us independent and going strong, click here: www.patreon.com/ozziereviews The Wedgetail Industries MPR is a manually...

Bushmeister “BA-X12” Tactical 12g Shotgun (full review)

The long awaited Bushmeister 12 gauge lever release shotgun is here. I found it didn't like target loads at all however this doesn't bother me as my use for this...

Warwick Firearms “WFA1-L” 223 Remington Rifle

The WFA1-L is the latest lighter version from Warwick Firearms. It performed very well with outstanding accuracy and zero malfunctions. It's a great manually operated rifle for Australian conditions.