The .223 Remington is the most widely-used centerfire rifle cartridge in the world.

It is a popular sporting cartridge, and probably the most commonly used centerfire varmint cartridge

Black Creek “MRX Bison” 556 Nato Rifle (with accuracy testing)

The Black Creek MRX Bison is available in 556, 300 Blackout and 7.62x39. I found it a compact rifle that has compatibility with AR15 mags and furniture. Overall I achieved...

Oceania Precision “SP-15” .223Rem Rifle (with accuracy testing)

The new Oceania Precision SP15 rifle looks great however I had major issues with this rifle and am very disappointed with it for it's high price tag. Hopefully this is...

Warwick Firearms “WFA1-L” 223 Remington Rifle

The WFA1-L is the latest lighter version from Warwick Firearms. It performed very well with outstanding accuracy and zero malfunctions. It's a great manually operated rifle for Australian conditions.