SCSA “Taipan Light” .223 Wylde Rifle (everything you need to know)

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The Taipan is a manually operated pump action rifle chambered in 223. It is made in Australia and it is around half the price of the Warwick, Oceania Precision and Wedgetail Industries AR style rifles. Unfortunately I only had a few mags of smooth running as I had numerous metal shavings caught inside the bolt which caused failure to fires. Even after disassembly, cleaning thoroughly, the rifle still had major issues with sticking after a shot was fired. I tried various factory ammo from Federal, OSA, Hornady and Outback Ammo, but best results was achieved with the 62gr Federal Premium load coming in at 0.8″ for 3-shots @ 100 yards.

The Victor Precision 2-stage trigger for the Taipan rifle is a pleasure to use breaking at just over 2lbs and allowing you to take a more precise shot or quick shots when required. This is not a bench rifle and in my view should be able to easily sustain fast followup shots as this is commonly required when hunting mobs of feral pigs. When it cycles without sticking, I found it to be smoother than the Remington 7615 but I’m hoping that newer versions of this rifle do not have the issues I encountered.

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