Funniest Dog Video 2021 – Must Watch for a Laugh!

When a vicious pitbull attacks the air blower in slow motion! I was trying to clean at home when Hank decided he didn't like the Stihl Electric Air Blower and wanted...

Funny Puppy and Cute Puppy Video (cutest Amstaff Pitbull puppy ever)

This is the funniest, cutest video of Hank, my 12 week old Amstaff puppy who doesn't want to come to work and hides under the bed instead!

Hank my 10 week old American Staffordshire Terrier Puppy (amstaff pitbull puppies dog dogs training)

The is a quick intro to Hank my 10 week old Amstaff puppy :) Raising and training your Amstaff: