Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #8

This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:22min – How do you keep the cross-hair aligned when tightening scope rings?
Question #2 – 02:15min – Recommendation for shotguns for general hunting and plinking under $1200?
Question #3 – 04:17min – Can you use lapping compound on a Ruger American 22.lr action?
Question #4 – 05:06min – What’s my favourite piece of equipment other than a firearm or scope?
Question #5 – 06:47min – Recommendations for a rifle to be used at long range and on pigs but won’t be expensive to run?
Question #6 – 10:22min – Will you review the Riverman OAF rifle?
Question #7 – 11:06min – Should a rimfire barrel be broken in like a centrefire barrel?
Question #8 – 13:00min – Safe recommendations?
Question #9 – 14:59min – Purchasing firearms from interstate and understanding the specs of a scope

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