Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #61 (new gun bags available!)

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This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:05min – What’s new at Ozzie Reviews? (10yrs of Ozzie Reviews, new gun bags now available!)
Question #2 – 07:35min – Go-to shooting rest for target shooting?
Question #3 – 08:26min – Summary of good news for gun rights over the last 5 yrs?
Question #4 – 09:00min – Thoughts on gun-free zones?
Question #5 – 09:17min – Thoughts on ex-cons having firearms?
Question #6 – 11:02min – Thoughts on firearm waiting periods?
Question #7 – 12:22min – Thoughts on private shooting ranges without a permit?
Question #8 – 14:08min – Thoughts on transporting loaded firearms?
Question #9 – 15:07min – Thoughts on may issue vs shall issue?
Question #10 – 15:44min – Thoughts on respect shown to licensed shooters by police/military?
Question #11 – 18:55min – Thoughts on .177 vs .22 air rifles?
Question #12 – 20:48min – Will you review the Southern Cross Small Arms Taipan rifle?
Question #13 – 22:31min – Summary of incoming rule changes?

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