Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #57 (what’s new check it out!)

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This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:40min – What’s new at Ozzie Reviews?
Question #2 – 01:50min – Thoughts on mandatory firearm training?
Question #3 – 03:35min – Thoughts on firearm background checks?
Question #4 – 05:12min – Thoughts on taxes of firearm ownership?
Question #5 – 06:30min – Thoughts on firearm licensing & registration?
Question #6 – 09:08min – Thoughts on magazine restrictions?
Question #710:00min – Thoughts on open and concealed carry?
Question #810:49min – Thoughts on homemade firearms?
Question #912:08min – Thoughts on the 1996 gun buy back?
Question #10 – 14:33min – Thoughts on firearm storage laws?
Question #1120:10min – Thoughts on losing gun rights in 1996?
Question #1223:25min – Thoughts on COVID laws and attending ranges?
Question #1326:47min – Installing a red dot on an Akkar 3 20″ ?

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