Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #33

This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 01:05min – What the hell has gone on in October?
Question #2 – 02:33min – Do you shoot with both eyes open?
Question #3 – 03:18min – Thoughts on Zero Tech scopes for a 223?
Question #4 – 04:33min – Thoughts on using your non-dominant hand to cycle the bolt on a straight pull shotgun?
Question #5 – 06:09min – Things to look for when buying a 2nd hand rifle?
Question #6 – 10:50min – Thoughts on ammo makers stopping non-popular calibres to make greater amounts of popular calibres?
Question #7 – 14:21min – Recommendations on rimfire calibre for rabbits and foxes?
Question #8 – 17:08min – Thoughts on the 30/30 for pigs?
Question #9 – 19:12min – 223Rem vs 204Ruger?
Question #10 – 22:05min – Which models of Leupold VX-Freedom scopes do you own?
Question #11 – 23:01min – Is it ok to get a rifle barrel hot?
Question #12 – 24:20min – Any chance of a beginner series on basic shooting fundamentals?

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