Guncraft Gen 2 “AR-15” 22 Magnum (with accuracy testing)

I’ve owned and used many AR15s from the centrefire 223 and 308 Ruger, Colt, Remington and Daniel Defence rifles, to the rimfire ARs such as the Smith & Wesson 15-22, the Ruger SR 22, the Kriss Defiance and Franklin Armory F17 rifles.

The Guncraft AR15 in 22WMR is the current king of rimfire ARs as it’s made from 7075 with zero movement between the upper and lower receivers, it’s superbly accurate at just 0.3″ for 5-shots @ 50 using CCI 40gr JHP and when shooting it, the real feel is there of the bolt cycling back onto an actual buffer spring and buffer like the centrefire AR15 does. My only complaint about the rifle is that I wish the last round hold open feature was like the centrefire AR15 in that when you remove the mag, the bolt catch stays engaged. I decked mine out with Daniel Defense and Strike Industries furniture along with a Trigger Tech Diamond 2-stage trigger and Aimpoint CompM5 red dot to give it the feel that I was after.

I got mine from the guys at Gun City in New Zealand and whilst there’s a bit of paperwork involved, they made it as smooth as possible as this rifle is not currently imported to Australia, so they were my next best option. Overall I absolutely love this rifle and in this video I test the accuracy and reliability using Remington, CCI and Federal rimfire ammunition for the best option in controlling feral pests on my farm.

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