Sulun Arms “Tacsoras” 12g Shotgun (Benelli M4 copy)

The Turkish Sulun Arms Tacsoras shotgun is a manually operated lever release shotgun made for the Australian market. It’s based off the Benelli M4 shotgun but with a lever release to manually cycle it. I had no issues with any shot sizes put through this shotgun, from solids, 00-buck, BBs, 4s, 6s and even 8 shot target loads, it cycled everything!

The issues I have with the shotgun though, is that the front sight was sitting on an angle at the 11 o’clock position and I don’t like the way it loads by having to hold in the lever to manually load the tubular magazine. I also replaced the charge handle (like I did with my Benelli M4) with the Victor Precision charging handle for a much better grip and look.

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