Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #6

This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:30min – Recommendations for a junior 22lr rifle?
Question #2 – 01:37min – Recommendations for long-range bench shooting?
Question #3 – 02:30min – What pest animals cause the most problems on my property?
Question #4 – 04:00min – Recommendations on-field butchery kits?
Question #5 – 04:56min – Best thing to buy your Mrs to justify buying another rifle?
Question #6 – 05:48min – Worst firearm I’ve shot/bought?
Question #7 – 06:32min – Any update on my Sako-M10 review?
Question #8 – 07:10min – What knife sharpener do I use and what knives do I find the best value?
Question #9 – 09:18min – Will I ever do reviews on air rifles?
Question #10 – 10:18min – Recommendations on pig hunting calibres, thoughts on the 303 or 45-70?
Question #11 – 13:00min – Thoughts on the Lithgow 223 and will I ever review one?

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