Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #37

This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:43min – What precautions do you take when harvesting game meat?
Question #2 – 02:35min – Thoughts on cleaning & greasing a 22 bolt and trigger?
Question #3 – 04:18min – Thoughts on sighting in a 22lr for various ammo?
Question #4 – 05:46min – Thoughts on using fox whistles?
Question #5 – 07:19min – Thoughts on hydatid tapeworm and brucellosis in feral pigs?
Question #6 – 11:05min – Are you going to have another get-together day?
Question #7 – 11:58min – Laws on transporting firearms away from home?
Question #8 – 16:14min – What other meats will you use in your game meat recipe videos?
Question #9 – 17:02min – Thoughts on new cartridges such as 6.5 Creedmoor, 224 Valkyrie, and 350 Legend?
Question #10 – 19:53min – Tips for meeting with politicians to discuss firearm issues?

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