Ozzie Reviews Q & A – Episode #34

This month’s questions:

Question #1 – 00:27min – How are you going with the loss of Cooper?
Question #2 – 04:22min – Tips when fighting for a Cat-C licence in Court?
Question #3 – 14:26min – Thoughts on the Pard 008 digital night vision scope?
Question #4 – 15:42min – Any chance of a milsurp review?
Question #5 – 16:06min – Tips on getting firearm owners to fight for gun rights?
Question #6 – 19:35min – Why don’t you like Chinese of Filipino made scopes?
Question #7 – 22:00min – What’s your favourite knife steel and why?
Question #8 – 24:18min – Recommendation on an EDC knife for fishing, camping and general use?
Question #9 – 25:42min – What calibre do you reckon is great but never got a massive following in Australia?

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