My interview with “Send it Mate” Australian Podcast

In this 3hr long interview we discuss many topics from my personal background, feral pest control, firearm legislation and much more. Check out the great blokes at @Send It Mate Podcast and subscribe to them for future content. We discuss in depth the following topics:

00:20 min – Intro
12:34 min – How the channel started?
17:55 min – Struggles with YouTube
24:40 min – Where are you from
33:01 min – What’s your favourite food
35:30 min – What was your first job
39:16 min – Reviews and funny interruptions
44:10 min – Most enjoyable review
46:21 min – Category C/D limitations
51:48 min – Laws that discriminate against licensed shooters
1:03:25 min – If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would that be
1:06:08 min – Most dangerous thing ever done
1:10:30 min – Best piece of advice you’ve been given
1:20:20 min – Most treasured possession
1:23:49 min – Best straight pull shotgun
1:27:09 min – Favourite movie
1:30:10 min – Recommend a guest for Send it Mate podcast
1:30:55 min – My first rifle
1:39:28 min – My thoughts on Port Arthur and subsequent laws
2:06:45 min – How to better educate people about firearms
2:28:34 min – Do you think we could get access to semi-autos again
2:34:35 min – How do you deal with all the comments on your channel
2:39:50 min – Do you hunt or do mostly pest control
2:44:00 min – Your dream destination to hunt
2:47:40 min – What’s your main feral pests species
3:02:40 min – What’s next for Ozzie Reviews

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