LightForce 140mm “LED Enforcer” Spotlight

Lightforce have integrated LED technology into their new Enforcer line of spotlights with the release of the 140mm LED Enforcer. This spotlight is portable and offers you 4-5hrs of runtime complete cordless and a further 18.5hrs if you utilise the Enforcer portable battery pack! I found the spotlight not as bright as the 170mm Enforcer range but think that it would be ideal for use up to 100 yards comfortably. I found anything over that the light was a bit too dark to easily identify game. It’s a great spotlight and I’m looking forward to seeing what bigger spotlights come out with the LED technology from Lightforce. You can check out their range at:

Music by: Solid State Logic – Song: Shades of grey
Written permission kindly provided by the band for use in this video.

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