Interview with Paul Henselin One Nation Candidate for Scenic Rim – Queensland State Election 2020

In this interview, we discuss One Nation’s policies and Paul’s stance on firearms, farming, globalisation, and much more. It’s time for us to put the major parties last, time for a change and to put One Nation, Katter Party, and Independent candidates first in this upcoming Queensland State Election. Questions are:

Question #1 – 00:12min – Who is Paul Henselin?
Question #2 – 01:08min – How did you become a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party?
Question #3 – 03:40min – What’s your stance on Gun Laws?
Question #4 – 10:36min – What’s your stance on Firearm suppressors?
Question #5 – 19:01min – What’s your stance on Public Land Hunting?
Question #6 – 28:58min – What’s your stance on handguns for farmers?
Question #7 – 36:23min – What’s your stance on Firearms Licensing?
Question #8 – 41:17min – Thought’s on globalism and the new world order?
Question #9 – 48:14min – Thought’s on Mark Latham and his anti-gun comments on the Verdict
Question #10 – 52:33min – Ozzie offers to help on election day

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