Interview with Michelle Jaques – Australian Federal Election 2022

Michelle Jaques is running as a Lower House candidate for the LibDems (formally known as the Liberal Democrats) in the Australian Federal Election 2022. In this interview I ask the following questions:

Question #1 – 00:09min – Who is Michelle Jaques?
Question #2 – 07:05min – Reason for running and the position you’re a candidate for?
Question #3 – 11:13min – Thoughts on the LDP firearm policy and your personal beliefs?
Question #4 – 17:44min – Thoughts on Federal Firearm Import law inconsistencies?
Question #5 – 21:47min – Thoughts on Federal Import law regarding the cosmetic appearance of firearms?
Question #6 – 26:00min – Thoughts on COVID and the handling of it by the Government?
Question #7 – 29:58min – If successfully elected, what will your priorities be in the Lower House?
Question #8 – 33:22min – How can people help on Election Day?

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