How to get a Category-D Firearms Licence (Feral Pest Control)

The number #1 question I get is “Ozzie how do I get a cat-d licence?” so I’ve decided to do this video to discuss the topic… The information I talk about is freely available on the Queensland Weapons Licensing website, so it’s no real secret, however, I clear up some of the requirements in this video. You will need to:

[1] Register a business
[2] Obtain insurance (usually about $1000 / year)
[3] Obtain 4-6 contracts from property owners who need your services
[4] Complete a Category-D safety course
[5] Justify why you need a Category-D licence to do your work
[6] Complete the application form for a new licence or additional categories if you already have a licence (such as an A/B licence)

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