Failure of the Australian National Firearms Agreement 1996 (NFA)

This is the single most important post that I have ever done since the start of Ozzie Reviews. I have spent a week researching and formulating the following template letter. I have tried my absolute best to formulate the letter to voice the frustrations of licensed law-abiding firearm owners that the media refuses to acknowledge and make publicly known. I am sitting here today to ask each and every one of you to submit this letter to your local Police Minister, local Federal Member and the Federal Justice Minister. I am asking you to join me and stand-and-fight against the victimisation, demonisation and continual blame that we have been subjected to whenever a criminal uses a firearm for illegal purposes.

I have had enough and I am not willing to accept any more blame for other people’s actions. I have drawn a line in the sand and refuse to accept any of the proposed restrictions that aim to take our pump and lever action firearms away, reduce magazine capacities, ban our firearms based on cosmetic appearance and disarm us as each year goes on. You do not have to be a firearm owner to submit this letter, if you have family members, relatives or friends that support licensed law-abiding firearm ownership, please ask them to make a submission. The fight doesn’t stop with just letters, don’t be afraid to make an appointment with your local State and Federal members and discuss your concerns. Remember it is we-the-people that elected our politicians and it is their job to represent you.

I know there will be some apathetic shooters who truly believe that the 1996 gun laws have worked, contrary to the evidence shown through the facts and statistics over the years. I know a lot of them are of the allusion that if you agree with the Government, that they will leave you alone, let you just enjoy your passion for shooting. In reality though, that can’t be any further from the truth, as we are now faced with having to surrender our pump and lever action firearms if these proposals are not fought. Then when they have them and a few more years pass by, we will see tighter calibre restrictions on our bolt actions, greater magazine restrictions on our bolt actions and then we will see their true agenda come out when they then say “we need your bolt-action firearms to ensure public safety”.

If you are happy to remain renting your firearms from the Government until the day comes when you have to surrender them, you might as well hand the lot in now. If you actually want to ensure that your children and your grandchildren can continue to enjoy the freedom of legal private firearm ownership, I am urging you to do everything in your power to ensure that it possible. I can’t do anything more than what I have done by providing template letters, encouraging people to get into shooting through the reviews I do and trying to spread the word that we need to speak up as one. Please don’t let me down, join me and let’s see how much change we can achieve by submitting this letter. Already there has been swift moves behind the scenes to introduce these restrictive proposals in Bills across Australia within a few weeks. We must act immediately!

All you need to do is fill in the blanks, cut’n’paste in an email to:

Queensland: Jo-Ann Miller – [email protected]

New South Wales: Troy Grant – [email protected]

Victoria: Wade Noonan – [email protected]

Tasmania: Rene Hidding – [email protected]

South Australia: Tony Piccolo – [email protected]

Australian Capital Territory: Joy Burch – [email protected]

Western Australia: Liza Harvey – [email protected]

Northern Territory: Peter Chandler – [email protected]

Federal Justice Minister: Michael Keenan – [email protected]

You can access my letter here:

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