CENS Digital “ProFlex 2” Custom Hearing Plugs

The Cens Digital Pro Flex 2 plugs are electronic muffs in the size of an ear plug! They are custom made to your ears and offer the best rating against loud gun fire at a 34db rated protection! Most traditional style muffs only offer around 27db and are not a custom fit for your ears. I highly recommend the Pro Flex 2 plugs, they are the best I have ever seen in the field of hearing protection! Mention this review to Aaron from Earmold Australia and receive a free pair of wind shields when purchasing a set of Pro Flex 2 electronic plugs. Check out their website at: http://www.earmold.com.au

Music by: Solid State Logic Song: Laid Below
Written permission kindly provided by the band for use in this video.

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