Anschutz “1727F” .17 HMR Rifle

Anschutz of Germany make some of the finest out-of-the-box rifles in the world and have recently released the Anschutz 1727F in .17 HMR. This rifle runs on a biathlon style toggle action bolt which gives you a very fast lock and re-load time. The sheer precision and engineering that has gone into this rifle left me in shock when doing this review. You all know that I love the Anschutz line of rifles but this model shot ridiculously accurate – 0.1″ 4-shot groups @ 50 yards using CCI 17gr TNT ammo! My bet is that this rifle is the most accurate production .17 HMR available!

Music by Hedged – Song: Dejected me
Written permission kindly provided by the band for use in the this video

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